3D Mitutoyo

The 3D measurement machine Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S544 is incredibly useful and versatile for all measurements and controls on a large number of parts.

Purchased in order to meet the challenges of increasingly complex profiles, the CMM has now been added to the essential equipment present at Pizeta.

This system automates and speeds up controls that were previously performed manually, to significantly save on time.

With the cross positioning system developed in Pizeta and the spindle to fix lathed parts, the CMM is fast and simple to us, even by less skilled operators.

It is not only used with more complex parts; parts that previously needed to be split for controls are now measured without requiring destruction, thus remaining perfectly usable.

The combination of 3D Mitutoyo and Vici Vision measuring systems allows automated control of 80% of dimensions on many pieces, increasing repeatability and drastically reducing human error.