Vacuum washing machine

Lavatrici sottovuoto IFP in Torneria Pizeta

To reduce the use of solvents and improve the work environment, as well as optimising the cleaning of parts, Pizeta purchased a newly designed machine in 2008, made by the Italian company IFP.

The special feature of this machine is operation in a vacuum, thereby avoiding the emission of solvent fumes outside the washing chamber, and eliminating the risk of personnel contact with hazardous chemical agents. By eliminating these dispersions, the system is also able to recirculate the solvent used, thereby distilling this substance. As well as the evident benefits of this system both for the environment and operator safety, there is also the notable advantage of the reduced costs related to the use of solvent. In fact, over ten times less solvent is required as compared to a conventional washing machine, leading to significant savings.